Hand Towels vs Other Hand Drying Methods

Hand Towels vs Other Hand Drying Methods

What are people’s preferred method of hand drying when away from home?

  • 1 out of every 5 who actually washed hands did not dry them
  • Paper towels were the preferred method of hand drying over air blowers or using their clothing in public toilets
  • Paper dispensers were installed at the observation site to check preference against air blowers

         – 69% voluntarily used paper towels from dispensers to dry hands
         – Only 18% used air blowers
         – 13% used their clothing

  • Preference for paper towels was equal for both sexes
  • Young and middle adults of both sexes had the highest preference for paper towels (around 75%)

What motivated people to prefer paper towels?

  • Because they are ‘personal’ and untouched but most of all because it was seen as the fastest method of drying hands.
  • People also like the sense of ‘closure’ from drying with a paper towel. 
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